SHARING INNOVATIVE AND CREATIVE ACTION Platform to make the world open for you



Have your own view about the issue of your interest and express it to resolve it




Go beyond conventional thinking and try new/”not-yet- tried” combination of ideas




Develop ideas from diverse perspectives and prototype for feasibility




Shift gears to focus on implementation and act on the ideas discussed/debated


Why we changed to SINCA


We began “Davos Experience in Tokyo series” in February, 2013, to increase the number of people who can discuss/debate global agenda, by creating “Davos style free brainstorming space.”

We hosted 60 monthly brainstorming sessions on variety of topics of interest and of significance at various venues until July, 2018 with over 1,300 participants with similar aspirations.

We decided to start a new series SINCA to reflect the new geopolitical reality and to capture new development such as robots, AI affecting every aspect of our life and society.


What you can find at SINCA


SINCA is the space to provide opportunity for people to develop skills and experience to be active in the global space

SINCA will provide Open environment to people interested in topics, regardless of age, gender, nationality, and background

SINCA will provide User-friendly atmosphere, free of concern about being evaluated or of worry about communication capability

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Our Service

Through SINCA, you will get exposure to the current world.
Through SINCA, you will find your unique potential and role you can play in the world
Through SINCA, the door to the world will open for you
Through SINCA, you will meet with people of similar aspirations
Through SINCA, you will develop solutions to the global issues with collaboration
Through SINCA, you will develop experience of moving talk to implementation


Our Services and more in the future…


You can join a variety of sessions, depending on your interest and skill/knowledge development needs.


Company sponsored sessions

We would like to collaborate with companies/organizations if you are:



Start-up sessions

We would like to promote entrepreneurial mindset and start-ups



Skill/practice sessions

We will host workshop sessions in English on topics of interest to the participants



Global Agenda Seminar

GAS(Global Agenda Seminar) series, a study opportunity.



Ishikura’s Blog

Yoko Ishikura, specialized in global business strategy



Formerly Davos

We began Davos Experience in Tokyo on February 1, 2013



Voice of the SINCA sponsors and supporters

“We sponsored Davos Experience in Tokyo session twice at Shiseido. First session was on the topic of Beauty, core vision of our company, and beauty is perceived by different people.

In the second session, we asked participants (both in and out of Shiseido) to develop innovative idea as consultant to Shiseido. We had many creative ideas from people who joined our staff. It was such an inspiring and exciting session.

We expect SINCA series would bring more sessions to help develop global leaders. “

Jun Aoki
Executive Corporate Officer, Shiseido Co., Ltd.

“I participated in Davos Experience in Tokyo session as participant and Global Agenda Seminar series as panelist. The Davos sessions gave me a unique opportunity to interact with diverse group of young people interested in creativity and sustainable behavior.

At GAS, I shared some key findings from the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics to respond to the keen interest around the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. BCCJ also sponsored GAS, which helped BCCJ develop several new initiatives related to innovation and inclusivity.

We are excited to collaborate with SINCA, cross-pollinate networks and explore new solutions to 21 st century issues.”

Lori Henderson MBE
Executive Director, British Chamber of Commerce, Japan

“Dow Japan is proud to have hosted the last session of Davos Experience in Tokyo series in July, 2018. Led by Women’s Innovation Network leaders from Dow Japan and Yoko Ishikura, a full capacity 65 enthusiastic leaders, including over 30 from Dow Japan, focused on creating the ideal organization, culture, and environment that we all endeavor to join. Our experience in this event, and with previous events and all interaction with Yoko Ishikura, have been extraordinarily positive, thought provoking and provided great engagement opportunities for Dow Japan.  We continue to seek Inclusion & Diversity as one of the key platforms for Dow globally and we believe that this is mission critical in Japan.  The Davos experience in Tokyo was an exceptional night with high energy and enthusiasm from all the articipants. We hope we will have many more opportunities to collaborate with SINCA in the new format. “

Peter Jennings
President, Dow Chemical Japan

“We sponsored two session of Davos Experience in Tokyo at our office. Both sessions helped us greatly to let young people know what Unilever stands for such as sustainability. In addition we brainstormed some of our programs and specific actions we promote such as work style reform. Both are important agenda for the Japanese government. We benefited greatly from interaction with Japanese and international people who came to Unilever for the first time. We expect that SINCA will be great space for brainstorming current topics. Our employees enjoyed the session as they served as spokesperson for Unilever in breakout sessions.”

Yuka Shimada
HR & GA Director – Japan

Unilever JAPAN Holdings

Executive Interview

We conduct interviews with the executives of the sponsoring companies and guest speakers.


201820180727dex dow chemical interview 2/2 Peter Jennings


20180511dex philips interview japanese 01


20180615dex gig economy interview 01 David Corbin

SINCA Member Interview

SINCA members discuss their own experiences of attending seminar/workshop series and how their life style has been impacted. Here are some interviews.


20180922 SINCA Yuka Tanimoto interview in Japanese PART2

Check it out


20180925 SINCA Yusuke Suzuki interview in English PART2



20180925 SINCA Hideyuki Yoshioka interview in Japanese PART2