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SINCA Online #5 Your Story..

On Sunday May 24, we will host SINCA online special #5 at 8:00 pm. We will resume our format of introduction-breakout discussion in groups-report back and general discussion. The topic for discussion is “What do you want to do when emergency declaration is cleared . Pick up to three you want to do. Explain the…
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Debate for Beginners- May 10

We will host the Special session Debate for Beginners on Sunday, May 10. After hosting online Debate three times, we realized many people may want to get exposed to “Introduction to Debate.” So, we decided to host the session for those with little or no experience of Debate. I will explain what debate is, what…
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SINCA Debate #3 April 19!

We are hosting the third Debate session on Sunday, April 19. We had two very exciting and interesting sessions so far and decided to do another one. This time, the topic is“Schools-grades and high schools) in Japan should go digital to develop capable people for the future.” As our school closure is extended to May…
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SINCA Debate #2 April 5!

We will host SINCA Debate #2 this evening, Sunday, April 5.  Judging from the reports from overseas (some of the stories about the people-even young and healthy ones-who were infected with coronavirus are so horrific) and the way the Japanese government and Tokyo Metropolitan government have addressed so far, the Covid-19 and its impact-in particular…
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SINCA 2020-special Jan. 25

Happy New Year! The first SINCA session for 2020 is SPECIAL! It is sponsored session by Shiseido and will be held Saturday afternoon, January 25 as Global Innovation Center in Minato Mirai, Yokohama. The topic is What can Beauty Create? inspiring topic to kick off the new decade. We will start with presentation by Shiseido…
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Next SINCA session on Dec. 6

Our next SINCA session (vol. 14) is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 6. We will focus on skill practice again. It will be on Coding & English with the Code Chrysalis team. Here are details of the event. Our first skill session on Coding & English held in July was very well received and we decided…
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Next SINCA session on Oct. 25

Our SINCA vol. 13 session is scheduled for Friday, October 25. It will be on the topic of Food. Science & technology has been applied to food throughout the world. In the US, it is tech-driven, (they have Beyond Beef, etc.), while in Europe, it is more based upon culture and values. What is significant…
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Unleash your Creativity w Dai Fujikura! Sept. 20

On Friday, September 20, we will host the SINCA expert/topic session at Pivotal. We will have  Dai Fujikura, composer and producer as our guest and see how we can find our creativity all of us are born with (and have applied when we were very young). Dai went to UK at the age of 15 and…
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Coding X English Communication

On July 26, we will host SINCA Skill session Vol. 11. This time, we will develop two skills necessary for those who are interested in operating in the global space. (This is belated announcement as we were not able to access dashboard from overseas. Our apologies.) They are coding (programming) and communication (as of now, English…
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Expert session on June 25

Our next SINCA session (Vol. 10) is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25. The topic is geopolitical and economic issues as G20 is scheduled on June 28 and 29 in Osaka for the first time in Japan. We will have two experts-Tsuneo Watanabe of Sasakawa Peace Foundation and Tim Kelly of Reuters- who will fire start…
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