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Next SINCA session: If you were high school student now, what would you do?

Our second SINCA session for the year 2021 is on Sunday, Feb. 14 (Valentine’s Day) at 8 pm. We will discuss hypothetical question, “Suppose you were high school student now in 2021, what would be your dream and hope? What would you do to make it happen?” As we always talk about, young generation will…
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2021年2月6日 0

First SINCA session for 2021! (late post-our apologies)

We hosted the first SINCA session for the year 2021 on January 17. It was designed as role play for the first time. In the small breakout groups, we formed 2 pairs. A pair will take the role of interviewer and interviewee and repeat the process with reversed role. For the second pair, the same…
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2021年2月6日 0

SINCA “Ideal self for 2021”

Our next and last (for the year 2020) SINCA online session is scheduled for Sunday, December 20 at 8 pm. We would like you to think of “Ideal you at the end of 2021” and plan activities, relationships, skill development program, etc. to make your ideal you the reality. In order to do it, you…
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2020年12月4日 0

SINCA Nov. 29 Reflecting the year 2020….

Our next SINCA session is on Sunday, Nov.29. As we have little over a month before the year 2020 ends, we want to reflect back the year. For majority of us, the year 2020 has been the difficult one with Covid -19 among others. But before we welcome the near year 2021 with refreshed mind,…
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2020年11月21日 0

SINCA online discussion “Dream” destination & place to live…

Our next SINCA session is scheduled for Sunday, November 8. As many of us may be suffering from “Covid-19” fatigue, we decided to free ourselves from variety of restrictions. As restrictions of movement across national borders (and some areas within the country) continues with the second/third surge of Covid-19, we want to unleash our imagination…
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2020年10月28日 0

SINCA on Oct. 18-Auction to explore your marketability…

Based upon the discussion we had at our last session on September 27, we are hosting the SINCA session where sellers and buyers could meet virtually for exchange. We are focusing on hidden skills/talents/experiences rather than the current jobs, educational background etc. -qualifications objectively measured. For example, if you are interested in pursing the career…
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2020年10月8日 0

SINCA online discussion: re job/work style you want-Sept. 27!

This evening (my apology for late announcement), we will host SINCA online discussion on “What kind of job/work style you want?.” As we feel the impact of Covid-19 slowly affecting the employment and labor market, we want to discuss job/work style you would like to have. There are many more options re:type of work other…
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2020年9月27日 0

SINCA online debate on 2 topics on Sept. 13

After several sessions where we had breakout group discussion to respond to questions, followed by report back from each group, we want to go back to Debate on September 13. The topics are 1. Olympics/Paralympics should be discontinued 2. Universal Basic Income should be adopted in Japan Both of these topics are very important and…
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2020年8月29日 0

SINCA extra special on August 23! Let’s use imagination…..

As we have our activities restricted by Covid-19 even during the Obon holidays in the middle of August, we want to discuss light topic at our next session on August 23. We want to escape the real world full of uncertainties, worries about health, education, employment, economy etc. . So here is our question for…
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2020年8月16日 0

SINCA Online “What if?”

My apologies for short notice, but our t next SINCA online session is scheduled tomorrow evening from 8:00 pm. We will discuss five “What if?” questions in small break out groups. “What i?” questions are: Now that we face almost unprecedented global pandemic of Covid-19 which seems to continue at different parts of the world,…
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2020年8月9日 0