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Next SINCA session on Dec. 6

Our next SINCA session (vol. 14) is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 6. We will focus on skill practice again. It will be on Coding & English with the Code Chrysalis team. Here are details of the event. Our first skill session on Coding & English held in July was very well received and we decided…
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Next SINCA session on Oct. 25

Our SINCA vol. 13 session is scheduled for Friday, October 25. It will be on the topic of Food. Science & technology has been applied to food throughout the world. In the US, it is tech-driven, (they have Beyond Beef, etc.), while in Europe, it is more based upon culture and values. What is significant…
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Unleash your Creativity w Dai Fujikura! Sept. 20

On Friday, September 20, we will host the SINCA expert/topic session at Pivotal. We will have  Dai Fujikura, composer and producer as our guest and see how we can find our creativity all of us are born with (and have applied when we were very young). Dai went to UK at the age of 15 and…
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Coding X English Communication

On July 26, we will host SINCA Skill session Vol. 11. This time, we will develop two skills necessary for those who are interested in operating in the global space. (This is belated announcement as we were not able to access dashboard from overseas. Our apologies.) They are coding (programming) and communication (as of now, English…
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Expert session on June 25

Our next SINCA session (Vol. 10) is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25. The topic is geopolitical and economic issues as G20 is scheduled on June 28 and 29 in Osaka for the first time in Japan. We will have two experts-Tsuneo Watanabe of Sasakawa Peace Foundation and Tim Kelly of Reuters- who will fire start…
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SINCA Startup Session May 31

We will host Vol. 9 SINCA Startup session on Friday, May 31 at 100BANCH in Shibuya. We will focus on the country, Estonia, where Startup ecosystem is well established. Estonia has been attracting much attention in Japan lately, as it is known to have one of the most advanced digital government system. For example, Estonia…
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Details of session on April 12

We will host Practice Session of SDGs game on April 12. We tried SDGs game in part 1 of SINCA start up session held at 100BANCH on November 30, 2018.  Participants liked and enjoyed playing the game, but it was so short and we just scratched the surface. In the meantime, SDGs have become important topic for…
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What to expect on March 8!

As we are already in March and it looks spring is just around the corner, let us share with you what you can expect on Friday, (a week from today) at SINCA session. It will be our first Practice session where you share your experiences related to music first, and practice music related movements together.…
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Details of March 8 session…

Here are the details of our next SINCA session on Friday, March 8. It will be the first Practice session. Each one of us has become familiar with music and sound through our own experience from very young days. Do you recall how you become aware of the music? Is it through your music class…
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Update-Next session on March 8

“Let us find YOUR Sound…”    As the world undergoes tremendous transformation, continuous innovation is indispensable not only for organizations, but also for individuals.  Innovation has been debated over the past decade or more, but not necessarily leading to the tangible output in many cases.  It may be because it is quite difficult and challenging…
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