Video Part 1 of Music session Mar.8

Finally, we have video of SINCA practice session #3, “Clapping Music” with three guests. After my welcome remarks, I asked participants to remember their music class at school (mainly grade school.) I asked how many of them liked the class and how many hated the class. The split was just about half and half, which…
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Details of session on April 12

We will host Practice Session of SDGs game on April 12. We tried SDGs game in part 1 of SINCA start up session held at 100BANCH on November 30, 2018.  Participants liked and enjoyed playing the game, but it was so short and we just scratched the surface. In the meantime, SDGs have become important topic for…
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Quick report of March 8 session

On Friday, March 8, we hosted the first practice session of SINCA entitled “Apply music to innovation”  We had three guests-Y. Mori of Hakuhodo, H. Morioka, art consultant and M. Yoshida, clarinet artist-who led us to try “clapping” by Steve Reich.  Four groups were formed and we tried clapping a few times.  Finally we made…
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Topic session at BCCJ on Feb. 22

Here is a video of the session SINCA+BCCJ held on Feb. 22. Lori Henderson, Executive Director of BCCJ welcomed the participants. We began with ideal society by the participants. Ms. Naoko Ogawa of Keidanren gave a presentation on Society 5.0, followed by questions. We asked a few groups to share their discussion at the end.…
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What to expect on March 8!

As we are already in March and it looks spring is just around the corner, let us share with you what you can expect on Friday, (a week from today) at SINCA session. It will be our first Practice session where you share your experiences related to music first, and practice music related movements together.…
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Details of March 8 session…

Here are the details of our next SINCA session on Friday, March 8. It will be the first Practice session. Each one of us has become familiar with music and sound through our own experience from very young days. Do you recall how you become aware of the music? Is it through your music class…
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Update-Next session on March 8

“Let us find YOUR Sound…”    As the world undergoes tremendous transformation, continuous innovation is indispensable not only for organizations, but also for individuals.  Innovation has been debated over the past decade or more, but not necessarily leading to the tangible output in many cases.  It may be because it is quite difficult and challenging…
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SDGs Game!

Scheduled for Friday, April 12. Stay tuned.

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Next SINCA session on Feb. 22

Here is a brief video of the upcoming SINCA session on Friday, February 22. It will be held at British Chamber of Commerce Japan in Akasaka.

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Connecting ART & Science for Innovation?

Scheduled tentatively for Friday, March 8. Place & details to be informed soon. So stay tuned.

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