Update-Next session on March 8

“Let us find YOUR Sound…”    As the world undergoes tremendous transformation, continuous innovation is indispensable not only for organizations, but also for individuals.  Innovation has been debated over the past decade or more, but not necessarily leading to the tangible output in many cases.  It may be because it is quite difficult and challenging…
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2019年2月21日 0

SDGs Game!

Scheduled for Friday, April 12. Stay tuned.

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Next SINCA session on Feb. 22

Here is a brief video of the upcoming SINCA session on Friday, February 22. It will be held at British Chamber of Commerce Japan in Akasaka.

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Connecting ART & Science for Innovation?

Scheduled tentatively for Friday, March 8. Place & details to be informed soon. So stay tuned.

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Next session on Feb. 22

What is YOUR IDEAL Society 5.0? If you are asked to describe YOUR ideal society 5.0, how would you respond? What kind of image do you have for YOUR ideal society? That is what we will discuss at our next SINCA session on Friday, February 22 at British Chamber of Commerce Japan near Ark Hills.…
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Expert/Hot Topic session on Jan. 25

This is the video of the first SINCA session for the year 2019. Two guests, George Nishiyama of WSJ Japan and Miyuki Inoue of Asahi Shimbun and I discussed the issues on fake news, role of media, how to respond to the amount of news, information etc. coming our way.

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Media-Expert/Topic session

SINCA Session Jan. 25, 2019 Guests-George Nishiyama of WSJ Japan & Miyuki Inoue of Asahi Shimbun  We had close to 50 participants signed up for the session with the experts- George Nishiyama of Wall Street Journal Japan and Miyuki Inoue of Asahi Shimbun.  Daisuke Furuta of BuzzFeed whom we collaborated in designing the session fell…
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2019年1月28日 0

Next session on Jan. 25

The first SINCA session for 2019 is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 25 at Kotohira Tower Bldg. near Toranomon. (Registration starts at 19:15, Session starts at 19:30) The topic is “Power of data, information and news. What do we know and what should we do?” After having so much debate about the companies which have enormous…
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2019年1月21日 0

SINCA Startup Session #1 Part 2

In the part 2, representatives of two startups, namely, Teplo and 180mg/dl which had been working at 100BANCH presented their stories and asked for some ideas from the participants.  Kaz Kawanobe explained the concept of Teplo and the background, and Ayumi Maruyama presented the idea of selfcare for diabetes, capitalizing on her expertise in graphic…
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SINCA Startup session #1 Part 1

We hosted the first session of SINCA Start-up session on Friday, November 30, at 100BANCH in Shibuya. The session consisted of two parts- in Part 1, Professor Tokutaro Hiramoto of Kanazawa Institute of Technology(participants of the first Global Agenda Seminar in 2010) gave a brief overview of Sustainable Development Goals and his student team led…
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