SINCA Startup Session #1 Part 2

In the part 2, representatives of two startups, namely, Teplo and 180mg/dl which had been working at 100BANCH presented their stories and asked for some ideas from the participants.  Kaz Kawanobe explained the concept of Teplo and the background, and Ayumi Maruyama presented the idea of selfcare for diabetes, capitalizing on her expertise in graphic…
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2018年12月17日 0

SINCA Startup session #1 Part 1

We hosted the first session of SINCA Start-up session on Friday, November 30, at 100BANCH in Shibuya. The session consisted of two parts- in Part 1, Professor Tokutaro Hiramoto of Kanazawa Institute of Technology(participants of the first Global Agenda Seminar in 2010) gave a brief overview of Sustainable Development Goals and his student team led…
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2018年12月15日 0

SINCA x Omote Sando session

We hosted the prototype session of SINCA x Omote sando college on Friday, November 9, 2018 at the new office of Omote sando college near Aoyama.  We had relatively small group of participants (little over 20 in total), but it helped us to get to know well in cozy atmosphere. We conducted the session in…
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2018年11月18日 0

SINCA x Sansan session

On October 19, SINCA x Sansan session was held at very nice office of Sansan at Aoyama. It was a trial session we collaborated with Sansan. The topic was “Will there be a job for you?” now that the world is undergoing tremendous transformation. Specifically, the question we discussed were “Where do we see ourselves…
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2018年10月20日 0

Launch session on Sept. 29

We hosted launch event of the new initiative, SINCA which stands for “Sharing Innovative and Creative Actions” on Friday, September 29 at Kasumigaseki Common Gate.  Some 100 people showed up and the room with standing room only was high in spirit and energy. After I explained why we began SINCA, and how we plan to…
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