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Interview w participants before the Coding x Communication session on July 26

We interviewed two participants before the Skill session began on July 26. One was the first timer of SINCA session, and the other had participated once before. Neither one had any knowledge of programming. I asked them questions both in English and in Japanese. Here are excerpts from the video. We plan to continue interviewing…
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Participant’s comment

Here is another very interesting comment on the session on Jan. 25

2019年2月9日 0

Participant’s comment

Here is a brief video of the participant on Jan. 25 session.

2019年2月7日 0

Participant’s comment

Here is a brief video of one of the participants who shared his impression of the session on Jan. 25.

2019年2月6日 0

Participants’ comment

Reaction and impression of the SINCA session held on January 25, 2019. Thanks for coming to the session. We hope more comments from the participants in the future.

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