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GAS Talk series #3 with Akira (English)

The third of the GAS talk series is with Akira Fukabori, now CEO of Avatarin, which was launched on April 1. It used to be one of the digital project of ANA Holdings. Akira participated in the first GAS series in 2010 when he was in mid 20s. He won the Grand Prize at GAS…
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GAS Talk series #2 Manabu

Second of the GAS Talk series with Manabu Takebe, MD, who is now practicing in Florida. He share his experience of GAS and how he changed the location of his career from Japan to the US.

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GAS Talk series #1 Emi Ashihara(English)

As the fixed member series of Global Agenda Seminar is now discontinued, we started Talk series with past participants of GAS. The first of this series was with Emi Ashihara. She shared her experience of GAS and how she has made best of the GAS network.

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