Company sponsored session

We would like to collaborate with companies/organizations if you are:

    Companies interested in developing innovative/creative ideas for issues you face with people both in and out of the organizations.

Companies interested in promoting your positioning/value proposition to wider groups of people than your constituencies

    Companies interested in exposing and developing people by giving them opportunities to interact and work with people outside of the organization 

Details of company sponsored sessions

 We will hold 2-hour session at the venue selected by the sponsoring company (including their own office)

 The company representatives will present their topic for 15 minutes or so at the beginning.

 Small groups of 6 or so which consist of outside participants and company people will brainstorm the topics selected by the company

 Report back of the discussion will be made by group reporters

 We ask company representatives to give us feedback and wrap up

Fees etc.

We would like to ask sponsoring companies to host Networking session with food and drinks at their venue. In addition, we would charge 100,000 yen for each session.