Expert interview w Kani in Japanese (Part 1)

Expert interview w Kani in Japanese (Part 1)

2019年12月21日 1.Expert/Guest interview INTERVIEW 0

I interviewed Kani, co-founder of Code Chrysalis, on December 6 when we hosted the last session of SINCA for 2019. It was done in Japanese and has two parts.

I wanted to ask him how he sees the status of skills of the young Japanese as it relates to coding and English. He had very interesting remarks as to how motivated/or not the young Japanese seem to be in making investment in developing their own skills.

We also talked about the government’s initiative and policy to incorporate coding and English at grade schools soon. (Watch the video as to how we see this initiative.)

As we covered many items including how Japanese companies seem to perceive software engineering (more of cost reduction rather than value creation. We talked about what we could do to raise the status of software engineers and job itself.