First SINCA session for 2021! (late post-our apologies)

First SINCA session for 2021! (late post-our apologies)


We hosted the first SINCA session for the year 2021 on January 17. It was designed as role play for the first time.

In the small breakout groups, we formed 2 pairs. A pair will take the role of interviewer and interviewee and repeat the process with reversed role. For the second pair, the same process continues.

As it was set up with no particular topic assigned and no information about the counterpart is available before the session, each interviewer needs to think of questions one after another.

We thought it would be a good exercise to conduct interviews to get information. We prepared two videos of the session. Check our SINCA session archive. (This announcement should have been made earlier, but we hope it is not too late!)

Registration was done here.