GAS 2019 #2 on June 29

GAS 2019 #2 on June 29

2019年7月15日 1. GAS Archive Global Agenda Seminar 0

At our session #2 of Global Agenda Seminar series 2019, we invited Shunsuke Karasawa, VP of People and Culture at Mercari as our guest.

I interviewed Shunsuke before the seminar series started taking application in the spring about his own background and career trajectory.

At this session, we focused on what the company Mercari, known for rapid growth and having people from different background/nationality etc., how “Working across differences” takes place in the field.

Assignment for the participants to hand in before the session was as follows “Suppose you are CEO of Mercari, would you make English the official language of Mercari? Yes or No. For either response, identify potential issues and solutions to resolve them. ”

As this is the topic I sometimes use for the discussion/debate at other corporate workshops, I was looking forward to reading the reports by the participants before the session. H

In the first half of the session on June 29, we made groups of 5 or 6 so that they could have breakout discussion. We made sure each group has at least one person that said No to the question.

In the second half, Karasawa san shared the experience of Mercari not only about the language but also other issues-vision, etc. It was very exciting talk.

As always, we had get-together at Brazilian restaurant after the session. It was fun. Here are my blog entry (in English) and report (in Japanese) prepared by the Academy Hills staff.

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