GAS 2019 #3 on July 27

GAS 2019 #3 on July 27

2019年8月5日 1. GAS Archive Global Agenda Seminar 0

On Saturday, July 29, we hosted the session #3 of Global Agenda Seminar (GAS)2019. As this is the half way of this course, we addressed challenging task and topic. The assignment given to the participants was “Pick the person you think is your “enemy,” take some action to see how you can collaborate with the person. Share your lessons learned. H

The book to read for reference was “Collaborating with enemy” which describes how the author identified different approaches to collaboration from the ones often proposed. The situation he describes includes very tense situation involving foreign policy issues as well as domestic conflict situations.

I tried to follow the assignment questions myself and found them quite difficult. The presentations some participants (we asked several to share their experiences) made during the session was quite interesting and had many things to learn.

In the second half of the session, we had Mizuto Tanaka, Executive Director of NHK Japan Prize, as our guest speaker. Japan Prize is very unique attempt to collect educational shows with global issues. We selected a few and showed the video excerpts to the participants with Tanaka san explaining the background. Out of the two video clips we showed, the discussion focused on the one where the experiment where small children were led to believe some very biased and prejudiced views.

This session brought the reality we found in the world today (many divides and unconscious prejudice) to let us think deeply. It was quite heavy material but left many things to think about. Here are my blog entry (in Japanese) and report (in Japanese) prepared by the Academy Hills staff.

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