GAS 2019 Session #4 Debate…on Sept. 7

GAS 2019 Session #4 Debate…on Sept. 7

2019年10月12日 1. GAS Archive Global Agenda Seminar 0

On September 7, Saturday, we hosted Session #4 of Global Agenda Seminar (GA) 2019. We tried debate to practice how we build logic to support our view, against those who have different view.

We tried debate as I believe debate is one of the best ways to learn how to build logical argument to support one view, first of all. As this is the informal debate, both Affirmative and Negative sides, presented initial remarks, followed by the discussion and rebuttal from each side.

At the end each team made summary comment. The two topics for debate were 1) Recent guideline of having independent non-executive board members set by the government will enhance diversity. and 2) Forced retirement by the age should be abolished.

We informed two topics, and asked each participant to prepare their argument for each, and for either side of the team. We informed each member at the beginning of the session, which topic and which team -Affirmative or Negative- they are expected to take.

The session did not quite go as I had expected. It turned out that only few members had experience of doing debate and many were quite at a loss as to how to prepare. (After the session, I sent the detailed steps to prepare for debate I found on the internet and sent it to the participants.)

I suggested that debate is a very effective way of developing skills for logical argument. I also encouraged all to try it as often as possible, as any decision could be framed in the debate format. Here is my blog entry and the report by the Academy Hills staff. (In Japanese)

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