GAS 2019 Session#5 on Sept. 29-Group Project

GAS 2019 Session#5 on Sept. 29-Group Project

2019年10月12日 1. GAS Archive Global Agenda Seminar 0

Sunday, September 29, was the last session of Global Agenda Seminar series (GAS) 2019. Some 30 participants worked together since June 1 for four months under the title of “Working across differences.”

For the last session of this series, we formed 5 groups and asked them to design program to teach diversity to kids and to increase their capability to diversity.

As I learned several lessons from the session #4, I prepared detailed memo to plan and prepare program in three weeks. We also asked each group to send mid-term report half way. We had many long weekend, and I suspected groups which consist of members with full time job may have difficulty working together.

Each group was free to define “kids” and design programs. We had five presentations followed by Q & A and at the end everyone of us scored each team along the criteria we had informed earlier.

We also had special guest, Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa, MD, who has supported this program since we began in 2010 to join us.

Overall, presentations and the reports (I received afterwards to give each team feedback) were very well done. As I said on my blog entry, I hope they learned something through interaction with guest speakers, projects and above all, among themselves. GAS network of over 200 people with similar aspirations is very valuable. Here is the report uploaded on the Academy Hills website. (in Japanese)

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