GAS 2019 Trial session

GAS 2019 Trial session

2019年4月30日 1. GAS Archive Global Agenda Seminar 0

On Friday, April 26, right before 10-day holiday, we hosted Global Agenda Seminar Trial session at Roppongi  Academy Hills.

I was delighted that the room was full of people and appreciated their coming as it was cold and rainy, no incentive to come to the seminar on Friday evening!.   (As a sign of my appreciation, I gave the copy of my latest book with signature and message “Join us in June.” to each that was present.)

We started the session with their plan for the 10-day holidays first, discuss in groups to develop a story related to their plans and global talent.  After about 30-40 minutes of discussion, I asked several groups to report back what they discussed.  Overall, their report back was  clear with message and interesting stories.  (I was so happy to find their level of understanding of the task.)

I gave brief (not so brief after all!) presentation regarding the background of this seminar series and about  my obsession? about developing individuals w unique talent and skills for the global space.

During the Q & A time, some good questions were asked–for example, “How do you unlearn?” “What factors do we think when we select the place to work?” “How do we convey the message that learning new things is exciting-to kids-he was talking about his 6-year old? son”.  Each one of them made me think on the spot and I tried to respond then and there.

Now we are accepting application for the GAS 2019 seminar which starts on June 1 until end of September. The deadline for application is May 13. So make sure you apply with entry sheet!

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