GAS Overview

GAS Overview

2019年1月21日 1. GAS Archive Global Agenda Seminar 0

Global Agenda Seminar series (GAS)began in 2010 to develop global leaders by exposing them to global agenda and intellectual assets of World Economic Forum and other international institutions

We hosted Global Agenda Seminar series every year to develop global leaders through interaction/discussion with leaders in diverse fields. Participants attend 3-hour session on weekends once a month for extended period of time (3 months to 10 months).  Every year, the topic and format is decided to meet the unmet needs of skills/knowledge required in the 21st century in the global space. 

Past topics include Education, Human rights, Climate change, Music, Space, Foodstuff issue etc. Recently the series focus more on practice and thus topics have changed to “self-branding” “perspectives”” project management” ”learning by doing”.

Through the course of several months, participants address current issues and problems, develop solutions, practice sharing solutions etc.

Since 2015, we added open seminars with the guest where anybody interested in the guests or topics can participate.  Session is conducted in English and the fee is around 5000 yen.

We host 4-6 open seminars a year.

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