GAS Talk #14 w Mie Tankai

GAS Talk #14 w Mie Tankai

2020年11月26日 3 GAS Talk series Global Agenda Seminar 0

Here is GAS Talk series #14 I did on Monday with Mie Tankai. She participated in the first GAS in 2010.

After GAS, she made a career shift from marketing personal health care products at the major Japanese company to new area of medicine, naturopathic medicine.

She discussed how she found the purpose, searched schools where advanced degree is offered for her interest and enrolled and graduated from Bastyr in Seattle. Her dedication to find the school, take 1.5 year to complete pre-requisite for the school and passion for practicing ND is so inspiring.

Her suggestions to the people interested in career and activities in the global space is very helpful and encouraging.