GAS Talk #6 w Aya

GAS Talk #6 w Aya

2020年6月17日 3 GAS Talk series Global Agenda Seminar 0

I interviews Aya Kayooka, one of the Global Agenda Seminar participants, the other day. She is a general manager in charge of risk & legal matters at the regional headquarter of the Japanese chemical company, and is based in Singapore.

I have been interested in Singapore for some time, starting from the days I taught Competitiveness course developed by M. Porter of Harvard Business School.

I have been to Singapore but not recently and wanted to hear what is going on there from the people who live and work there.

Singapore has been attracting attention now as they have controlled the Covid-19 relatively well. They are also known for allocating resources such as education to develop next generation

Her interview was very interesting and I was particularly impressed with how she respects the country and the leaders there.

She also talks about her career-she is a a lawyer with US license (went to law school)-her grandfather played a significant role in inspiring her to pursue legal career.

Her goal now is to motivate and engage people with her experience and by developing further her ability to do so. Very interesting and inspiring talk.

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