GAS Talk Series #12 w S. Takeda

GAS Talk Series #12 w S. Takeda

2020年9月27日 3 GAS Talk series Global Agenda Seminar 0

This is the video of the interview I did with Shohei Takeda. He is one of the participants of GAS 2010 and now based in Fukuoka Kyushu.

He works for NTT and is interested in supporting start-up. His main interest is to promote Fukuoka/Kyushu more broadly to the world as it has many things to offer.

I visited Fukuoka several times and feel there is a need to tell multiple stories about Fukuoka/Kyushu so that people outside of Kyushu will find the real charm of the city.

Now that WFH and remote work is becoming viable and attractive alternatives to life in metropolitan Tokyo, for example, living in the area where you can enjoy many things such as beaches and mountains, great food and very efficient transportation system such as Fukuoka would attract many people, I believe.

There are many initiatives and policies to encourage and promote startup, too. Find out from this video interview.