GAS Talk Series #13 w Neo Morohashi

GAS Talk Series #13 w Neo Morohashi

2020年11月4日 3 GAS Talk series Global Agenda Seminar 0

Here is the edited video of the interview I did with Neo Morohashi, one of the participants of Global Agenda Seminar Series in 2010. His career is very interesting as he pursues “whatever he is interested in” and through network of people he has come into contact.

In his 20s, he was a scientist and was doing research on robotics. He went onto biotech. He worked for consulting firm for a while, until he realized his interest is more on individuals.

He spent some time in Belgium as his wife was transferred there. After he came back to Japan, he pursued HR career until he landed in the present job. (huge IT company)

He shared his interest in Japanese culture (he is seeking master of fine arts now). His background which covers so many areas would be of interest to many who are exploring new job opportunities. The video is about 25 minutes or so. Enjoy!