GAS Talk series #3 with Akira (English)

GAS Talk series #3 with Akira (English)

2020年5月20日 3 GAS Talk series Global Agenda Seminar 0

The third of the GAS talk series is with Akira Fukabori, now CEO of Avatarin, which was launched on April 1. It used to be one of the digital project of ANA Holdings.

Akira participated in the first GAS series in 2010 when he was in mid 20s. He won the Grand Prize at GAS 2010 with his project idea of Blue Wing, which was later launched by ANA.

Akira & Kevin worked together on Blue Wing, Wing Fly (crowd funding project for start-ups) and the Avatarin is their third project.

In order to make quick decisions in the area where new technologies come and go so quickly, they decided to establish their own company, Avatarin.

Their concept is so drastic that it can transform how we think of new mobility. In the video, Akira talk about how he has made best of opportunities provided by GAS.

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