GAS Talk series #7 w Hiramoto Part 2

GAS Talk series #7 w Hiramoto Part 2

2020年7月17日 3 GAS Talk series Global Agenda Seminar 0

In Part 2 of the video with T. Hiramoto, we discussed how SDGs etc is moving with the Covid-19. It is very interesting to hear his views on the responses of Japanese companies to SDGs in the wake of Covid-19.

His career story as well as his dedication to issues in three areas-education, business and regional rejuvenation of Japan, in particular, how he has tried to seek collaboration among the three, is very inspiring.

His specific suggestion to promote “Green recovery” -learning from European examples and more effort and momentum by the private sector- makes sense, as the view from those who have been working in the field. Enjoy some 10+ min. video.

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