Why we changed to SINCA


We began “Davos Experience in Tokyo series” in February, 2013, to increase the number of people who can discuss/debate global agenda, by creating “Davos style free brainstorming space.”

It began as joint project of Yoko Ishikura and Wilson Learning Worldwide, because we felt there was a keen need for global leaders. Every month, people with similar aspirations, regardless of nationality, gathered to have active discussion.

We hosted 60 monthly brainstorming sessions on variety of topics of interest and of significance at various venues until July, 2018 with over 1,300 participants with similar aspirations.

Through this series, we attempted to raise awareness and interest in Global Issues and to enhance sense of ownership. All the discussion and communication was done in English. We had tried to give opportunities to participants to express their ideas, share them with others and to seek better ides, and NOT “right answer.”

We had many companies who sponsored the session such as Unilever, HP Japan, Shiseido, Google, NEC, Triump International, airbnb, Philips, Nissin Food, Lifenet Insurance, Benesse, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Dow Chemical to name a few.

The past participants came from variety of companies such as trading companies such as Itochu and Mitsubishi Corporation, big pharma. such as Glaxo SmithKline, Novartis, Bayer, Daiichi Sankyo, and Chugai, electric/electronic companies such as Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, NEC, Fujitsu, IBM Japan, Apple, GE Japan, airlines such as ANA and JAL, financial services companies such as Mizuho group, JP Morgan, Merril Lynch Japan, and research institutes such as Mitsubishi Research, and Nomura Research Institute.

We tried to pick topics-current, and of interest- in a variety of format -role play, skit, sale pitch, in addition to regular brainstorming. Some o the topics we discussed include: Future education, Women empowerment, Use of Big data, Positioning of Japan, Work style reform, Social intrapreneurship. National identity, Creative value, Agriculture & technology, Music to the world, Inclusive society, Diversity, Market value of unique expertise, Start-up Japanese style, Human rights, New business by companies with heritage, Food for the world, Single life, Block chain, Health tech, Gig economy, Ideal organization.

We decided to start a new series SINCA to reflect the new geopolitical reality and to capture new development such as robots, AI affecting every aspect of our life and society.