SINCA Startup Session #1 Part 2

SINCA Startup Session #1 Part 2

2018年12月17日 1.SINCA SESSION Archive SINCA SESSION 0
Two representatives of startup working at 100 BANCH.

In the part 2, representatives of two startups, namely, Teplo and 180mg/dl which had been working at 100BANCH presented their stories and asked for some ideas from the participants.  Kaz Kawanobe explained the concept of Teplo and the background, and Ayumi Maruyama presented the idea of selfcare for diabetes, capitalizing on her expertise in graphic design and medicine.  After the two presentations, participants brainstormed for some time, asking questions and making suggestions for two representatives.   Networking followed the session.

Here is the video of the part 2.

Two great news followed this session. 180mb/dl won the prize at Tokyo Startup Gateway 2018 and teplo (Land&Rand) won the Innovation Award at CES held at Las Vegas.

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