Launch session on Sept. 29

Launch session on Sept. 29

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We hosted launch event of the new initiative, SINCA which stands for “Sharing Innovative and Creative Actions” on Friday, September 29 at Kasumigaseki Common Gate.  Some 100 people showed up and the room with standing room only was high in spirit and energy.

After I explained why we began SINCA, and how we plan to evolve this initiative,  I moderated the panel with five past alumni of Global Seminar and Davos Experience in Tokyo series. Though I asked some questions (as I often do) which might have thrown panelists off a bit, the remarks by panelists were very interesting as it indicated that new HR concept is now implemented to some extent.

Then the breakout sessions with 6 or 7 members each(together with panelists), began.  The topic for brainstorming was to identify what we could do if we lost our job tomorrow.  It was our attempt to take a positive view, i.e. how we can make the best of Robotics etc. which is often perceived negatively.

The breakout sessions were relatively short (30 min. or so), the discussion was very lively.  Three groups reported back what they discussed.

After the group photo with some 100 people, we had networking with drinks and food.  I met with many new people and it was fun.  I want to thank you to people who have helped me plan and implement this event and above all, who came to the launch event.  I hope you had fun and felt that you are a member of new community.