Next session on Jan. 25

Next session on Jan. 25


The first SINCA session for 2019 is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 25 at Kotohira Tower Bldg. near Toranomon. (Registration starts at 19:15, Session starts at 19:30)

The topic is “Power of data, information and news. What do we know and what should we do?”

After having so much debate about the companies which have enormous power and have done things beyond our imagination last year, the debate related to data-its power and its use/misuse has accelerated even more, particularly in the US and in Europe.  “Trust” has become such a significant issue in the society, partly due to the data, media etc.  On the other hand, the discussion and debate regarding these topics does not seem to have caught much attention in Japan in the same way as elsewhere.  It seems that people’s awareness of power of data and  sensitivity to privacy and misuse of personal data in Japan is lower than that elsewhere.  It may be due to the language-many debates and discussion related to the issues around data is in English, and you can be isolated and probably shielded from the misuse of data found on social media. 

On Friday, January 25, we will have three special guests-Miyuki Inoue of Asahi Shimbun, George Nishiyama of Wall Street Journal Japan and Daisuke Furuta of BuzzFeed- with us.  It will be very interesting and exciting roundtable discussion as all of them have extensive experience in Japan as well as overseas and in a great position to comment on such differences (and probably some similarities.) There are so many interesting topics related to data, information and role of media shaping the public opinion and global agenda that we may run out of time.  (probably this series can be continued..)

Please join us for this discussion.  Details can be found here and registration is through this link.  We have short video about this session.

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