Next SINCA session on Dec. 6

Next SINCA session on Dec. 6

Yan Fang of Code Chrysalis

Our next SINCA session (vol. 14) is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 6. We will focus on skill practice again. It will be on Coding & English with the Code Chrysalis team. Here are details of the event.

Our first skill session on Coding & English held in July was very well received and we decided to give another try as the last session of SINCA in 2019.

It will be held at Code Chrysalis in Azabu (near Grand Hyatt of Roppongi). It will be very casual and informal session and you can join us with no prior knowledge of coding. We will learn what is programming and the basic concept of Java Script. It will be done very interactively and in simple English.

We hope many HR people of companies will join to have a glimpse of the two critical skills needed today.

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