Next SINCA session on Oct. 25

Next SINCA session on Oct. 25


Our SINCA vol. 13 session is scheduled for Friday, October 25. It will be on the topic of Food.

Science & technology has been applied to food throughout the world. In the US, it is tech-driven, (they have Beyond Beef, etc.), while in Europe, it is more based upon culture and values.

What is significant about food is that people are more interested in food from sustainability point of view. It is NOT limited to food waste, though it is a big issue. People switch their diet and food for water and other resource conservation.

We will have two guests-Hirotaka Tanaka and Akiko Okada who organized Smart Kitchen Summit 2019 Japan in early August with us. It will be a good opportunity to find out how food has attracted more attention in different parts of the world, and at the same time, to reflect our food consumption behavior and diet.

It will be held at WeWork Nogizaka, just off of metro Nogizaka station. It is a very nice place for co-workinhg and sharing ideas. Visit our new co-working space and discuss food, one of the key ingredients of wellness. Here is the event details. and registration. Join us!

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