What you can find at SINCA


As we greet the year 2019 and the new era beyond Heisei(in Japan), we face complex issues.  For demographics, the advanced economies face aging and declining working population and increased need for renewed form of health care and wellness. On the other hand, the developing economies face population explosion and need to address different set of issues such as identifying and designing new model of economic development not based upon manufacturing.

 We live in the connected world driven by technology.  We can access information and visual image from the world at our fingertips, beyond our imagination few decades ago. We can contact people anywhere in the world and collaborate beyond national boundaries.

 At the same time, technology and social media, for example, has made our life difficult by eating up our time and making distinction between “fact” and “fake news”, shaking our trust in institutions.

 There has been few consensus even among the experts today about the condition, causes of today’s issues and future outlook, much less the solutions.  Under these circumstances of uncertainties and volatility, what we need are people who are aware of the “today’s world”, are able to think on their own to analyze and develop solutions effectively and efficiently.   

What is even more important is the action orientation and the willingness to experiment, as the world changes so quickly and we need to try, see the result and change the course.  

This is precisely what SINCA tries to offer. Specifically,

-SINCA is the space to provide opportunity for people to develop skills and experience to be active in the global space

-SINCA will provide Open environment to people interested in topics, regardless of age, gender, nationality, and background

-SINC will provide User-friendly atmosphere, free of concern about being evaluated or of worry about communication capability