Quick report of March 8 session

Quick report of March 8 session

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On Friday, March 8, we hosted the first practice session of SINCA entitled “Apply music to innovation”  We had three guests-Y. Mori of Hakuhodo, H. Morioka, art consultant and M. Yoshida, clarinet artist-who led us to try “clapping” by Steve Reich. 

Four groups were formed and we tried clapping a few times.  Finally we made it and each group felt quite comfortable working together.

Then brainstorming session to develop ideas for Makoto Yoshida’s dream. Makoto’s dream were 1) How to design music education which develops creativity and is fun 2) how to design festival for each individual artist to make it unique for each artist.

Four groups who worked together for clapping brainstormed. After some 50 min. of brainstorming, including Yu Kosuge, pianist joining the group, each group reported back their ideas. 

Report back had many interesting ideas which we could apply.  Festival ideas I though centered around the selection of venue. Probably Makoto could suggest some ideas to the mayor he is to meet soon.

After four groups report back, we asked Makoto’s comment as well as the other three guests.  I thought Yu Kosuge’s comment was very interesting as it was based upon her own experience and thus quite convincing.

Video of the session as well as interview with Y. Mori, one of the guests will be uploaded as soon as they are ready. So stay tuned.

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