SINCA Debate #2 April 5!

SINCA Debate #2 April 5!


We will host SINCA Debate #2 this evening, Sunday, April 5.  Judging from the reports from overseas (some of the stories about the people-even young and healthy ones-who were infected with coronavirus are so horrific) and the way the Japanese government and Tokyo Metropolitan government have addressed so far, the Covid-19 and its impact-in particular economic and social ones- will continue several more months. 

We decided to host SINCA in the online form with that assumption.  Even after we come to the stage where we can have face-to-face sessions, we can have both off line and online, so it makes sense to try and refine online version now.

Our next Debate (this evening) will be on the statement  “”Meeting at companies will become transparent and efficient with use of digital platform such as Zoom.” We will have Affirmative and Negative sides for this statement and do debate in quite casual way.  Each team will consist of 3-6 people or so, and take turns to support/oppose the statement.

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