SINCA Debate #3 April 19!

SINCA Debate #3 April 19!


We are hosting the third Debate session on Sunday, April 19. We had two very exciting and interesting sessions so far and decided to do another one.

This time, the topic is“Schools-grades and high schools) in Japan should go digital to develop capable people for the future.”

As our school closure is extended to May or beyond, we need to develop some plan/program for young students to continue learning. Some schools have been doing online classes, but not many schools are equipped with infrastructure or skills to offer online classes. 

This is very serious problem because 1) students are left to study on their own (with some help from parents  2) young generation who will shape the future will be at disadvantage without digital skills.   Even though you may not have young children, we need to make sure that the future generation is given opportunities to operate in the global space.  We have two articles 1) and 2) for your reference. You can collect information from other sources and from your own experiences as well.

You can get details and register for the session through this link. Please sign up soon!

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