SINCA Debate on May 9-video

SINCA Debate on May 9-video

2021年5月16日 1.SINCA SESSION Archive SINCA SESSION 0

We hosted SINCA online debate session on Sunday, May 9. Two topics we debated are:

  1. Should side job/double job be promoted?
  2. Should 4-work-day week be adopted in Japan?

We had two rounds with above topics. We were able to recruit members of Affirmative and Negative teams for both topics and it turned out to be very interesting and exciting session.

It was very helpful that 3 out of 4 teams prepared slides with their arguments. Video we post here only show the slides without their explanation. Slides with their argument, hopefully, are clear.

Video include bits and pieces of the discussion/rebuttal between the two teams, and briefly their summary remarks.

At the end, some comments made by the judges/observers are included and they are very helpful. Enjoy the video.