SINCA Debate on May 9

SINCA Debate on May 9


We will host Debate session on Sunday May 9. We have two topics
1. Second/double job in addition to your regular job
2. 4-work day week

More information can be found on the facebook event page (here)

Both of these topics are related to Covid-19 to some extent as there has been some experiment for these new approaches to work.

Work style reform has been a hot topic for some time, but recently more specific issues are discussed.

As the topic is rather general, affirmative side can define the terms of each topic.

Debate process will proceed as
1. Initial remarks from both sides
2. Discussion/rebuttal from both sides
3. Summary speech from both sides
We will have votes after each round.

You ca refer to the video entitled “What is debate? Q & A” uploaded earlier for your reference. Team assignment has been informed to those who register through peatix.