SINCA extra special on August 23! Let’s use imagination…..

SINCA extra special on August 23! Let’s use imagination…..


As we have our activities restricted by Covid-19 even during the Obon holidays in the middle of August, we want to discuss light topic at our next session on August 23.

We want to escape the real world full of uncertainties, worries about health, education, employment, economy etc. . So here is our question for you to use your imagination and creativity.

If you can be anybody in the world (alive today anywhere in the world), who would you like to be? You can pick anybody and explain who s/he is , why you choose this person and what you would do as the person.

You can pick anybody-business leaders, policy makers, scientists, artists, athletes etc. In order to contrast, we want you to pick the person you would NEVER to be whatever you are offered.

It will be on Sunday, August 23 from 8:00 pm. Details and registration are here. Registration is filling up fast, so if you want to join, register soon! Looking forward to seeing you then. We will inform those who register the zoom link Sunday afternoon.