SINCA online Debate #6 June 12

SINCA online Debate #6 June 12


On Friday, June 12, we will host SINCA online debate #6.

The statement is ” “Academic year should start in September.” As the school started this week in many places after closure for a few months, the topic of shifting the start of academic year in Japan to September has been debated.

This debate is not something new, as it was debated quite extensively a few years ago, but resulted in no change.

This year, those who support the shift seem to have gained momentum due to the Covid-19 caused closure of schools. If we shift the beginning, we will be in line with majority of other advanced countries (India and Japan are the only countries in G20!) .

If we fix the mismatch of timing, overseas study program, job hunting etc. may become easier and more smooth, supporters argue.

On the other hand, those who oppose the shift say that so many laws/regulations need to be revised and broader changes beyond academic calendar are required. They argue hasty change is not good.

We decided to take up this this topic for our next SINCA online debate. Details and registration is now open here. We look forward to have many of you sign up.

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