SINCA online discussion “Dream” destination & place to live…

SINCA online discussion “Dream” destination & place to live…


Our next SINCA session is scheduled for Sunday, November 8. As many of us may be suffering from “Covid-19” fatigue, we decided to free ourselves from variety of restrictions.

As restrictions of movement across national borders (and some areas within the country) continues with the second/third surge of Covid-19, we want to unleash our imagination and creativity.

We want to discuss our “Dream” destination and place to live. We need not limit ourselves to the places we have heard of and/or areas where Go to Travel campaign works. We ask participants to share places they always wanted to go and/or to live. We ask those who are willing to share visuals etc. to show their place of choice.

Let us go all the way and think of visionary ? places. Here is the link to facebook event page and here is the link for registration.