SINCA Special online Debate

SINCA Special online Debate

2020年3月23日 1.SINCA SESSION Archive SINCA SESSION 0

On Thursday, March 19, we hosted the first online debate using zoom. It was our attempt to continue our effort to communicate, discuss and brainstorming the current topics in English.

We had to cancel the session on Friday, February 28, scheduled at WeWork Nogizaka, due to Covid 19. It was very interesting topic on “Do’s and Don’ts of starting and developing Start ups while working for the company.”

We will try to have our guest, Akira Fukabori of ANA-Avatar, whenever we are able to have face-to-face session.

In the meantime, we hosted the online-debate on the topic of Olympics/Paralympics in Japan. It was the hot topic and we thought would be ideal to debate.

After some test and trial and error, we managed to have two teams each with 5 or 6 members, judges who wanted to observe the debate. The two teams supported/opposed the statement “Olympics/Paralympics should be held as scheduled in Japan in July/August 2020.” It ran over 1 hour and very interesting and exciting session.

We made a brief video (little over 10 minutes) to give a flavor of online debate. We would like to continue this type of new approach and format for SINCA. Please take a look at the video. Enjoy.

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