Unleash your Creativity w Dai Fujikura! Sept. 20

Unleash your Creativity w Dai Fujikura! Sept. 20


On Friday, September 20, we will host the SINCA expert/topic session at Pivotal. We will have  Dai Fujikura, composer and producer as our guest and see how we can find our creativity all of us are born with (and have applied when we were very young).

Dai went to UK at the age of 15 and has been very active composing variety of pieces for orchestra, artist and also opera. His style is very innovative and creative.

He is based in London and has visited many places throughout the world, and lately spends considerable time in Japan. His tweet is full of his activities and should not be missed.

During the session, he will share with us how he makes best use of his own creativity, and at the same time, how he draws creativity from others (he teaches at workshops with kids etc.). He will also introduce Born Creative Festival 2019 scheduled to be held at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum on Saturday, September 28. At the festival (which is the third of its kind), you get to hear many “New sounds/music” from the world. It is full of exciting sessions and all are welcome.

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