Update-Next session on March 8

Update-Next session on March 8


“Let us find YOUR Sound…”

   As the world undergoes tremendous transformation, continuous innovation is indispensable not only for organizations, but also for individuals.  Innovation has been debated over the past decade or more, but not necessarily leading to the tangible output in many cases.  It may be because it is quite difficult and challenging for individuals with expertise and unique talent to collaborate to develop/prototype new ideas AND to implement them.

  We often hear that art and design need to be combined with technology and science for innovation. But you may ask “Where do we start with art?” “What will I do to become familiar enough with art for creative/innovative ideas?”

 At this SINCA session, we will focus on “music”. This is based upon the activities Hakuhodo has promoted for corporate innovation workshops.

We will have three guests-Y. Mori of Hakuhodo, H.Morioka, art consultant and M. Yoshida, clarinet artist-to join us on our session.

 First we will ask you to find YOUR sound. We will then ask you to listen to others sounds. Then we will try to combine them to create something new. Specifically, we will try to develop ideas to make Makoto Yoshida’s dream(design individualized music class at school, initiate series of “individual artist-centered” music festivals.) come true.

 The session is scheduled on Friday, March 8, from 19:00. Venue is Toranomon Kotohira Tower. We will start eating/drinking while we do breakout sessions, instead of waiting until the session ends.  Stay tuned as we will inform you of the event link.

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