Video of Debate #6 Part 1 on June 12

Video of Debate #6 Part 1 on June 12


On June 12, we hosted SINCA Debate #6. The topic was whether academic year in Japan should start in September or not.

Our traditional academic year starts in April, but with Covid-19 and schools are closed for few months, the debate which had been underway for some time came up as one of the solutions to make up for the loss of school days.

After some discussion by the Prime Minister Abe and other policy members, the Ministry decided NOT to change the academic year to September in 2020/2021.

It was such a great topic for debate as it was “hot” and also it could be argued either way.

We have two part-video each part last little over 15 minutes. Part 1 starts with my introduction and the first part of initial remarks from Affirmative and Negative teams.

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