Video of SINCA online auction & after…

Video of SINCA online auction & after…

2020年10月28日 1.SINCA SESSION Archive SINCA SESSION 0

We hosted SINCA online auction on Sunday, September 18. We had some 30 participants and 13 items were offered for auction.

The concept of this session was to explore marketability of our hidden skill/assets and experiences. We often describe the person as a collection of “objective” credentials such as work experience, educational background etc.

Now that Covid-19 disrupts almost everything we took for granted including labor market etc., we wanted to see whether some of what we have could attract buyers.

This is the first time we tried auction online (we tried several times on “real” setup before. It was quite a challenge to say the least.

We used software for participants to bid and after the auction session, we were going to tabulate and inform sellers and buyers. Unfortunately the software did not work, and we had to switch to some other form.

In two days, we managed to get the list ready and now buyers and sellers are negotiating regarding details.

It was quite a struggle and we learned good lessons. The video shows each sponsor(seller) explaining their offerings using slides. Q & A which followed is not included.

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