Video of SINCA reflecting 2020 on Nov. 29

Video of SINCA reflecting 2020 on Nov. 29

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Video of the SINCA online session we hosted on Sunday, Nov. 29 is ready. As we had 6 breakout groups and each group discussed Happiest/Saddest memory of members, we focused on some interesting and funny stories of the group discussion and happiest memories.

It is still some 30 min. or so. (Original was over an hour!) I

Happiest memories of participants seem to focus on time spent with family members (including pets!) and few new job/career.

Saddest memories with wish included loss of job, career change plan not materialized, overseas trips canceled and illness of family/oneself. (and weight gain!)

Take a look to get the feel for it. Lately we have those who come to online session almost every time, and the first timers. Good balance.

We hope we will be able to meet and enjoy our company soon, but online has many benefits, too. (those overseas can join!) Even after the Covid-19 controlled, we plan to hybrid approach to SINCA-some real and other online to more people.