Video part 2 of SINCA extra special on Aug. 23

Video part 2 of SINCA extra special on Aug. 23

2020年8月29日 1.SINCA SESSION Archive SINCA SESSION 0

Following the part 1, here is the part 2 of the video of SINCA extra special session on August 23.

Part 2 shows report back from the last two groups and the following discussion.

You can take a look at the people each member chose as their hero and it is very interesting as it shows what kind of characteristics each member associates and admires in people.

The people who were voted as “Person each member did NOT want to be” were also quite interesting. You may be able to tell who must have received largest votes. Some chose the head of state that just announced his resignation.

Discussion among the members on the choices is very interesting. We thought this type of session with lighter topic (anybody talk about) may go a long way.

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