Video:SINCA Dialogue July 12 Part 2

Video:SINCA Dialogue July 12 Part 2

2020年7月17日 1.SINCA SESSION Archive SINCA SESSION 0

In the part 2 of the video of SINCA dialogue on July 12, groups 3 and 4 report back their discussion within the breakout group.

The question group 3 discussed was “Are you thinking of the possibility ad/or planning to move out of the cities to live in the local area?” and that of group 4 was “If it becomes possible, do you travel overseas this year?”

The last question was related to my own experience of almost going to British Columbia this summer as in the past, but could not. (That is part of the reason I am hosting SINCA sessions more often this summer!)

After report back from two groups, we discussed whether we value different things due to Covid-19 experience from before, whether we have new findings about our own life style, etc. It was interesting to find that type of job -professional, and office work, production floor, R & D, sales etc.-makes big difference on few questions we discussed. Enjoy the video part 2 (which is little less than 15 minutes!)

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